Gold Water: Three Things Challenge, #writephoto, FOWC with Fandango

Devon knew the history of the stone sculpture, but he wasn’t sure he trusted the tale. Back in the day there was the belief that in winter, when the ice thaws, the water that falls from the sides of the rock was infused with gold. The story was nice but if the tale were true then the ink upon the rice paper which is laid under the flow would also turn gold. That has never happened, at least in his lifetime.  

©2020 CBialczak

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dVerse: Prosery: Between Heartbeats

Wishing away the universe 
looking for a direction to take 
Life decides alone.  

You may hope for assistance 
but will be reminded 
the choices are prepicked. 

Enjoy what you are given 
it can be lost too easily 
and will be missed. 

There are moments caught between heart-beats 
looking for the entity 
in which to preside. 

Follow what you will 
it is solely your choice 
how to handle the hard times. 

We wonder what the point is 
to the madness we feel 
and the touch we desire 

It is meant to handle carefully 
But with distinct precision 
to guide your future self. 

Hope for positivity 
promote the good  
You will have an effect 

Find strength in truth 
hope in faith 
love deep in the soul. 

Only you can 
walk the road ahead 
looking for the pot of gold. 

©2020 CBialczak