Just Jot it January

We spent last week in Florida and went into downtown St. Petersburg on our last full day. I love architecture. There is so much to see downtown among all the brand new high rise buildings that are going up. I wish buildings could be built like they used to. The design, the unique quality, it is all so beautiful.

No matter where I am I look at buildings around me and marvel at their unique qualities, built so many years ago. It makes me wonder, if these buildings could be constructed so long ago with so much less equipment and what we have now, why can’t we do it again? I know, it’s too expensive. Why though? Ugh, I could be given the reason a million times but I still will never understand it!

Fume: #writephoto

Through the trees we could see the thick smoke billowing up from what we believed was the medical camp. The lights from the camp illuminated the smoke, giving it an eerie glow that faded to gold as it moved farther from the source. We knew it would not be long before all that was left was a smoldering camp of burning ash, left to consume itself. The fire, started by faulty equipment in the medics’ quarters, had been burning now for over 24 hours, leaving not only the smoke as a reminder, but also the fumes, which left a strong smell of medical materials burning under the intense heat. We didn’t know if everyone had gotten out; it wouldn’t be known until after the fire extinguished itself. For now we sat and stared, knowing that so much has been lost, much aid that can not be replaced.