From my desk: 01/30/2020

So my goal for January was to send out at least 20 Query letters. As of last night I have sent out 14. I have six more to go, maybe even more if I can. I actually received a rejection immediately so I don’t even know if that counts as one of the query letters!

I have rewritten my book so many times, which is what I hear authors must do. I have used critiques from my professor,, and David! I think it is getting pretty good! Very different than the first version! Wish me luck!


VJ’s Weekly Challenge: regulars

When I think of regulars I think of Charlie. If anyone is reading this that worked with me at the restaurant I believe you are smiling right now. I will never forget Charlie. Genuinely nice. I remember one year I asked him to come to Christmas Eve dinner at my house. He was alone and I loved having an open door for Christmas Eve. He never did come. I don’t think Charlie is here with us anymore. RIP Charlie.

I can list so many other regulars that have been in my life. The guy on Saturday mornings that came for a cup of coffee and always left 25 cents for the tip. The couples who would order the same thing every time. Now I am a regular at two places, one for breakfast, one for lunch and dinner. I do order almost the same thing every time. What is it with the regulars?

JusJoJan #30: finished

Is January finished?
Why was January longer when I was a child?
Isn’t January supposed to have more snow?
Where do all the birds go in January?
Are there 30 days or 31 days?
How do some of my birds stay and others go?
Will I be able to sit outside soon?
So many questions in my head!