Daily Writing Prompt: Espionage


It wasn’t until Brendan saw the actual ticket that he realized the finality of what he was doing. Leaving London to go work in New York City seemed like a big deal, it was a big deal, except once he left he knew he would never come back.

It had already been a month since he signed on to work for Leaders United. He wasn’t completely sure he knew the extent of his new position, but it seemed intriguing and he had nothing to loss. The instructions had been simple: pack your bags, bring whatever you can, you won’t ever be back. Now that he remembered the words that were said to him he almost wanted to take them back, but there was no going back now, that he kept reminding himself of.

“Where are you going anyway?” Bart asked.

“I got a new job in the states. Manhattan!” Brendan explained.

“Doing what, man? That’s a long way to go for a new job, don’t ya think?”

Brendan knew what to tell his best friend. That had been in his list of “to do’s”. The company gave the explanation, it was the responsibility of the individual hired to follow through using their ideas or not. He knew following their instructions would make his life a little easier.

Stepping closer to Bart, Brendan leaned close to his ear and whispered, “Espionage.”

Bart spit the beer he was drinking as he burst out in laughter. “You are seriously demented to think of a story like that! That shit doesn’t go on! What are you trying to do, act like life is a movie? Dude, really, what is your new job?”

Brendan didn’t think there was anything else he could say. At this point his life would be easier to follow if the story he told each time was the same.

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