Daily Writing Prompt: Espionage


It wasn’t until Brendan saw the actual ticket that he realized the finality of what he was doing. Leaving London to go work in New York City seemed like a big deal, it was a big deal, except once he left he knew he would never come back.

It had already been a month since he signed on to work for Leaders United. He wasn’t completely sure he knew the extent of his new position, but it seemed intriguing and he had nothing to loss. The instructions had been simple: pack your bags, bring whatever you can, you won’t ever be back. Now that he remembered the words that were said to him he almost wanted to take them back, but there was no going back now, that he kept reminding himself of.

“Where are you going anyway?” Bart asked.

“I got a new job in the states. Manhattan!” Brendan explained.

“Doing what, man? That’s a long way to go for a new job, don’t ya think?”

Brendan knew what to tell his best friend. That had been in his list of “to do’s”. The company gave the explanation, it was the responsibility of the individual hired to follow through using their ideas or not. He knew following their instructions would make his life a little easier.

Stepping closer to Bart, Brendan leaned close to his ear and whispered, “Espionage.”

Bart spit the beer he was drinking as he burst out in laughter. “You are seriously demented to think of a story like that! That shit doesn’t go on! What are you trying to do, act like life is a movie? Dude, really, what is your new job?”

Brendan didn’t think there was anything else he could say. At this point his life would be easier to follow if the story he told each time was the same.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Glimmer – January 27, 2020

Sweet Life

A glimmer of hope 
a moment of peace 
a drink on a hot day 
love that won’t cease 
A smiling child 
a tear of a clown 
the beading and glitter 
on a new wedding gown 
the hope for a life 
with no end in sight 
a good bedtime story 
and a sweet kiss goodnight. 

©2020 CBialczak




What do you see #14

From: https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2020/01/27/what-do-you-see-14-january-27th-2020/

Under the mushroom

Underneath the mushroom,  
there lives a little man. 
He lives without his children, 
His dear wife said he can. 

He comes out in the evening 
to look for things to eat. 
He loves to find new places 
and people he can meet. 

Once when he was walking 
he went a little far. 
He found that he got thirsty 
He stopped off at a bar. 

The man thought that he wanted 
to have a drink and chat 
with the local townsfolk 
and others just like that. 

He found that when he started 
to talk about his life 
He had the hardest time 
talking about his wife.  

He knew that he did miss her 
and even all his kids 
He started getting really sad 
tears filled up his lids.  

The barmaid thought that he had 
drunken way too much. 
She told him he should leave 
She guided with her touch.  

When they got outside 
She let him go alone 
She didn’t want to trick him 
She let him use her phone.  

He called his one grown child 
to ask him for a ride. 
The boy thought that his father 
had given up his pride.  

He told his dear old father 
to walk until the end 
of the longer part of town 
where he’d find his friend. 

The friend said he would take him 
back to him mushroom home. 
He never even realized  
He lived just like a gnome.  

The people all around him 
they laughed at his odd looks. 
He thought that they were nasty 
maybe even crooks. 

Once back at his mushroom 
he gave a nice long sigh 
He never really noticed 
he was a lucky guy.  

His luck was in his family, 
his kids and his sweet wife. 
He went to sleep late that night 
Grateful for his life.  

©2020 CBialczak

Fandango’s Flash Fiction #51


In response to https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/128784227/posts/40219


“It has to be here! I know at least one of these photos has her in it.” 

Janette had been rifling through boxes and boxes of negatives from the days when cameras used film. She was searching for a picture of her deceased mother. Up until now, Janette mourned her mother’s death by visiting her grave and praying that God would grant her some peace and healing. They weren’t always close but they had just reunited and rejuvenated their relationship; then the sudden illness took her mother from her. 

Janette had woken this morning, frantic to see a photo of her mother, feeling grief stricken at the thought that she could no longer remember what her mother even looked like. She had been told the memories are what heals but, “what if there are no memories,” she worried.  

As if the photo would bring a piece of her mother back, Janette continued her search, unwilling to terminate her task until she found what she was looking for.