The Sunday Whirl: Wordle 440

Jack’s Ring

From the top of the stone wall, Jack could see the crystal in the rock formation shimmering in the sunlight. The shining rock seemed to blink in the sun as the clouds moved slowly across the sky, blocking sunlight at small intervals. Jack could just imagine taking a piece of that crystal and mounting it on a beautiful gold ring for his soon to be fiancé.  

He started down the embankment, fixing his vision on the stone. Once he was able to chip off his portion, he would check to make sure it was clear enough and would still fit in the setting. He knew the tone of the gold would accent the gem and was sure Pam would love it.  

After leaving the jeweler, Jack headed toward the hotel’s lounge, knowing Pam was waiting for him. He could not believe his eyes when he saw Pam in her tight black dress and matching black pumps with the stiletto heels. He was so lucky to have this beautiful woman and was excited to ask her to take his hand in marriage.  

©2020 CBialczak

JusJoJan #26: busy

Paul ran into the adjoining office when he hung up the phone. He couldn’t wait to spread the word that Trump would finally be impeached. Deborah was busy, talking on the phone to one of her sources. “Brian, I heard you! …I know, I will….Yes, I am sure Paul is already on top of it!” Paul grinned, hearing Deborah praise his efforts even before knowing that he had gotten the job done.

“Deborah, thanks for making me look good!” “Paul, I don’t think I had to make you look good, you are good.” Paul was ecstatic. He liked hearing the praise from his supervisor, considering he kept himself as busy as possible while working.

Fungi Sunday

I wasn’t sure if this was a “share” type of post but I have this picture from a walk in the woods a few months ago.