Prosery 1/20/20: “The Rock cries out…”

Tribute to a King

The Rock cries out to us today,    
“Rejoice in the memory of a legend.” 

Very few men will influence our country, as he. 
No individual should try to be superior 
to someone who so openly loved others. 

You may stand upon me, but please do not  
squash me or my memory. 
Find comfort in being as good as he. 

It is with pride that we may remember  
to be kind to all people 
no matter their race or color. 

Be proud to be kind, be happy to be strong 
in your beliefs.  
be open to diversity. 

Embrace change, encourage acceptance 
But do not hide your face. 
There is no shame in doing what is right. 

We must take pride in honor 
and teach those younger and less wise 
what it means to be human.  

Take pride in knowing  
you always do the right thing.  

©2020 CBialczak


Wordle #164

Mythy’s Strawberry Patch

Once upon a time there was a woman who the townsfolk called a Mythomanepenned Mythy for short, as she was known for her outrageous stories. It was so well known that she even called herself Mythy. Well it was a new morning and Mythy knew she would have to spend the day picking the most perfect strawberries for her well-known jam. She would make a batch, load it in her wide wagon, and swivel through the busy streets selling her product.  

Mythy set out this morning to get her berries. She left the front door and started walking down the walkway, as if she were a model on a runway. She used the lightest steps, so as not to hurt any insects crawling along in their little clusters. Within moments Mythy was at her strawberry patch where the lightest strawberriesperfect in shape and size, grew. After a few hours of picking Mythy felt like her day had been cheated by busy work. Euchred, she sat down amongst her prize strawberries and cried. She knew she would never complete her jam today.  

©2020 CBialczak

FOWC with Fandango: egregious – my second entry!

adjective: outstandingly bad; shocking.

Right now I am listening to the television playing in the room next to me. It is the Dr. Phil show. The topic is “Bullying Moms”.

It is egregious, the things that a mother would say to her child. It is egregious the things that people say to anyone! I don’t understand how anger or hurt can build such a rage in someone that they want to physically and emotionally abuse anyone or anything. It is so disgusting to me. It makes me angry. It makes me feel rage!

Whether it is children, the elderly, veterans, or animals, I could become physically ill thinking about the lives some people are enduring right at this moment as I am typing, comfortable and reasonably happy. There are so many stories. There are so many people/things hurt. I cannot understand it at any depth.

©2020 CBialczak