From my desk: 01/30/2020

So my goal for January was to send out at least 20 Query letters. As of last night I have sent out 14. I have six more to go, maybe even more if I can. I actually received a rejection immediately so I don’t even know if that counts as one of the query letters!

I have rewritten my book so many times, which is what I hear authors must do. I have used critiques from my professor,, and David! I think it is getting pretty good! Very different than the first version! Wish me luck!


VJ’s Weekly Challenge: regulars

When I think of regulars I think of Charlie. If anyone is reading this that worked with me at the restaurant I believe you are smiling right now. I will never forget Charlie. Genuinely nice. I remember one year I asked him to come to Christmas Eve dinner at my house. He was alone and I loved having an open door for Christmas Eve. He never did come. I don’t think Charlie is here with us anymore. RIP Charlie.

I can list so many other regulars that have been in my life. The guy on Saturday mornings that came for a cup of coffee and always left 25 cents for the tip. The couples who would order the same thing every time. Now I am a regular at two places, one for breakfast, one for lunch and dinner. I do order almost the same thing every time. What is it with the regulars?

JusJoJan #30: finished

Is January finished?
Why was January longer when I was a child?
Isn’t January supposed to have more snow?
Where do all the birds go in January?
Are there 30 days or 31 days?
How do some of my birds stay and others go?
Will I be able to sit outside soon?
So many questions in my head!

Ragtag Daily Prompt: rhyme

Take the Time

Come with me,  
Take a ride. 
Put your work 
And fears aside. 
Take my hand. 
Hold on tight. 
I will take you 
On a flight 
To the places  
You want to go 
Nowhere gets 
The answer no. 
What’s your passion? 
What’s your love? 
Take my hand 
It’s in my glove. 
Hold on tight 
For you might fall. 
I’ll pick you up 
No job too small. 
I’ll work with you 
To find your dream. 
Come with me 
Join my team.  
I will rhyme 
You can sing. 
Take the time 
I’m offering.  

©2020 CBialczak

Three Things Challenge #129: Today’s words; Jacket, Boredom, Relief

“Go get the book! We need to go and we are driving right past the library. I’ll stop and you can run in and drop the book off.”

“I never even read the last book I borrowed.”

“What! Why not?”

“I was so busy this week. Boredom was not an issue. I actually would have liked the down time.”

“Okay, just grab your jacket and we’ll return the book anyhow. I don’t want to have to pay a late fee.”

“Fine with me. It didn’t seem like it was going to be that great of a book. And about that fee…the book is already a week late!”

“Great! I wonder how much the fee will be.”

“It’s only 25 cents a week.”

“Well, that’s a relief. I can send the quarter in with you when you drop the book off.”

From my desk: 01/28/2020

I get tempted to share my entire life when I get on here! Hahaha, not that anyone would be that interested and my life isn’t that terribly interesting. Anyhow, my writing mind takes over and I just type and type.

Last week I went to Epcot Center. I think I posted some pictures. I love the countries in the World Showcase. I used to work in the shops right at the beginning of the World Showcase. There is quite a bit to do there, but mostly eating and spending money.

Florida was terribly cold last week, as the northeast is now. Snow may be coming on Saturday. I cannot tolerate the cold anymore. I just feel miserable when I am cold.

I have been finding many new challenges here on WordPress. I enjoy the different challenges and reading others’ works. I enjoy the creativity that spreads through the blogs. Once a while ago I was told not to bother blogging because no one really cared to read what I have to say, that I’m not that important or something like that. I thank all of my followers for helping me fulfill this dream of mine!

Peace to you all! Don’t watch the news, it’s the regular Trump news. Look out your window instead!

Twiglet #161: night train

Take a ride on the Night Train

Do you want to take a ride on the night train? 
The stops will be vague 
The visitors unknown 
The driver absent
You will see your past 
The world will be empty 
You revisit old destinations
Dig deep in your brain 
Try to find the truth 
Make up new lies 
Find the real you  
Leave the world behind.  

©2020 CBialczak



dVerse: Dreams

Dreams of You

When I close my eyes 
all my dreams come true. 
I have never missed two people 
like I’m missing you. 

In my dreams you say hello 
and you say goodbye. 
Why you’re gone when I’m awake, 
I just don’t know why. 

You both are there together 
in dreams I’m with you two. 
Waking is the hardest 
When I’m missing you.  

©2020 CBialczak