Wordle #160

1. Air
2. Beam
3. Retrieve
4. Left
5. Vicissitudes- noun successive, alternating, or changing phases or conditions, as of life or fortune; ups and downs
6. Benignity- noun a good deed or favor; an instance of kindness
7. Touch
8. Men
9. Morning
10. Life
11. Smart
12. Glass



I recall my vicissitudes and how 
I left my past-life, so now 
I try to breathe the air so clean 
And not remember men are mean. 

Your benignity is like a beam 
of hope, like the glass’s steam 
which coats my morning mirror view 
to block the sorrow caused by you. 

I stand there and I try too much 
to remember once your softest touch 
I was so smart to leave you be 
Retrieving love was not meant for me.  

Three Line Tales: Week 202

As I headed home I could feel the icy shards, from the freezing rain, hitting the fragile skin on my bare face. I hoped my door would be open, or at least the doorman would still be working, as I forgot my key when I left earlier today. This would prove to be a very cold night, should I have to spend the evening on the streets, oh how I feel for the homeless in winter!

Daily poetry: Cinquain

Modern Cinquain 



Fills me 

All my days 

Since losing my son 



Traditional Cinquain 



Being present 

During given moments 

Granted freely as motherhood 


Rag Tag Daily Prompt: Sleep

As I lay awake and wonder, what is my purpose?

I find myself looking in all different directions trying to find the right way to go. Where do I belong? I find a path that seems to lead toward the sun. That is the path! I desire sun, warmth, a fresh breeze, without the noise of the city or the static of the television. I

This path that I am on is so peaceful. The air is the perfect temperature, the sounds are only those of nature. Where will this place lead me? I keep walking and finally see, up ahead of me, a clearing. What will be there waiting for me? Will it be a bird, sitting on a branch, whistling a tune? Will it be a squirrel, scampering across the grass, unsure of his own direction.

As I get closer I feel so much peace.
Then I stop in my tracks. What is this?

What?! I didn’t want to wake up right now! I want to go back to sleep!
Who decides when a dream has come to an end?

A Name A Day: Wendy

Feel free to participate in A Name A Day. Write a story, poem, or something about a real individual you know with the name of the day. If you have a name that you would like for the blog please send me a message. Please keep it all positive.  

This is part of my positivity plan. Allowing others to see their names in print and then stories or poems that are positive about them is reinforcing to adults and children. This is my first time hosting a “challenge” so if you have pointers or need to tell me how to do something differently, please do, I don’t take offense to creative feedback.  

Enjoy this! I will post a few random names until people choose to participate and give some names. I will continue as long as people would like to participate. I believe it will be nice for any blogger to share with a friend or family member poems “about them” from so many talented writers. Enjoy!