Album Cover Design

I was so excited today when I got the final feedback on the final copy of an album cover I designed for a musician friend, and very old friend, of mine. When the album is officially on the market after its release I will probably post pictures of the design. I’d love to share it now but I have to wait.

I also finally found a program that I can use in conjunction with a few other websites to complete my picture book illustrations! Want to see the main character? I won’t tell her name or what the story is about but here is a sneak peak. I will be sending it out with queries after the new year. I am hoping this is my absolutely, real breakout book!

FOWC with Fantango: Stage

If you stand on the stage

in the front of a crowd

you’d better be ready

to speak really loud.

If you stand on the stage

in front of bunches of kids

you’d better be willing

to play, God forbid.

If you don’t think my warning is real

continue your journey and record how you feel.

A Name A Day: Adalee

Feel free to participate in A Name A Day. Write a story, poem, or something about a real individual you know with the name of the day. If you have a name that you would like for the blog please send me a message. Please keep it all positive.  

This is part of my positivity plan. Allowing others to see their names in print and then stories or poems that are positive about them is reinforcing to adults and children. This is my first time hosting a “challenge” so if you have pointers or need to tell me how to do something differently, please do, I don’t take offense to creative feedback.  

Enjoy this! I will post a few random names until people choose to participate and give some names. I will continue as long as people would like to participate. I believe it will be nice for any blogger to share with a friend or family member poems “about them” from so many talented writers. Enjoy!