FOWC with Fandango


Don’t Worry

Up against the cool stone wall  
The buttress gives support 
As surely as your best job done 
Boss gives a good report.  

If that wall falls in on you 
So that it crushed your soul 
Push it aside, find a new rock 
And let those bad feelings roll. 

You can’t live life so worried 
That you aren’t doing the best. 
There are plenty of others 
Who have always done much less.  

Your Daily Word Prompt: peculiar


Things that are weird 
Things that are strange 
Things on the prairie  
Things home on the range. 

Things at a party 
Things at a game 
Things at a school house 
Some peculiar kids name.  

One family loves it 
One that just won’t  
One couples ideas 
One time you’re told “don’t”. 

How do you manage? 
How do you stay? 
How do you deal with 
Weird things people say? 

Three Things Challenge

Written for today’s Three Things Challenge from Di at Pensitivity101. The three things are “shade,” “brother,” and “mobile.”

There lived in the forest a family of five. They were a happy family and they loved living beneath the sycamore trees, using their shade to allow time for relaxation. They loved living in the forest with the animals and with the weather. They believed that God put them in the forest for a purpose and knew that in the forest is where they would stay. God did not wish for them to be mobile, as he did not provide them with a vehicle or animals to ride. They loved being together. The mother and father, the sisters and the brother. No negativity, good communication, working together. God created perfection.

Fandango’s Provocative Question

Would you be willing to give up everything you have if you could go back and start your life all over again? Why or why not?

Wow, this is a hard one but I have to say yes. I would wish I could keep a few things. I would wish I could keep my children. I wish I could keep my positivity.

Why would I be okay starting life all over again? I could use what I know now to do all the things I have learned are right and would attempt all of the things I was too scared to try. I would do some of the things I did in my life differently. I would go to college and major in something else. I would try to get my dream job even if I didn’t have the confidence to try.

Why wouldn’t I? I would be afraid that I wouldn’t be me in my new life. There are things I don’t regret. I would be scared that I made the wrong decision.

I think the biggest question is: when do we start again? At birth? At a certain age?

FOWC with Fandango: Plant

Once upon a time there was a boy who wanted to grow a beanstalk. He decided to research all of the things he would need to make sure his plant was healthy and grew as much as it could. The boy did his research and bought all of the materials he needed. He set up his planting area and tended to his planting. The beanstalk grew and grew. When it was almost big enough for him to climb, the giant came and chopped that beanstalk down. The boy was crushed. He cried and cried. All of his work, wasted!

The giant, who had learned about the beanstalk that was being grown, found the idea of this beanstalk atrocious! Without even thinking he went and he cut that beanstalk down. He didn’t think about the time the boy had put into planning his growing. The giant didn’t think of the pride that went along with the growth of the beanstalk. The giant hadn’t been thinking and unfortunately didn’t have anyone he could talk to. This led to what he did. He cut that beanstalk down.

Now the boy has moved on but the giant continues to cry. He is sad that the boy was upset. He is sad that the boy has gone away. He is sad he didn’t think first about what he was doing before making such a rash decision. The giant lives with this and because the boy has gone away, the giant is afraid that he will have to live with this sorrow forever.

Perhaps someday the giant can forgive himself for what he had done. Would you forgive him?

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #55

burlingham-henge-1.jpg (1200×674)

Below the great oak tree 

Below the great oak tree 

I find all my dreams 

Thinking of futures  

And what it all means. 

What will I do now? 

Where will I go? 

How do I decide? 

How will I know? 

I wait for some sign 

From the man up above 

And hope that I live  

On hope, joy and love. 

I try to stay living 

In a positive way 

Although my life’s path 

Has gone quite astray.  

With my friend and my daughter 

Together we drive 

To live a life perfect 

For the ones still alive.