Prompt Poetry

When I was younger, I went to school to become smart. I thought that getting smart was a rite of passage and that no one had to worry, it would happen. School was not hard for me, my body seemed to absorb knowledge, and offered me an oasis in a socially demanding environment. Now as an adult I wonder where they all are, all the kids that went to school with me. Did they get smart? Did they find it or did it find them? What about those who didn’t care? Do they care now?  

3TC; Body, School, Hard 

RDP; Passage 

Word of the day Challenge; Oasis 

What do you see? #5

whatdoyousee5.jpg (277×277)

For a guy 

As I sit, I wonder why 
I let my life go for a guy. 
I look at love and do not see 
A man who wants to comfort me. 
I must move on in my own space 
Thinking not of time nor place 
Of meeting with the next man there 
For my relations I don’t care.  

As I sit, I look around 
I wonder where I can be found. 
Hidden here in a secret gloom 
I left him in the hotel room.  
I ran so fast I could not see 
The rain nor fog that followed me. 
So now I’m here in a new, fresh day 
Wishing my love and his could stay.  

FOWC with Fandango: wage

I’m Sorry 

Once when I was younger 

I had a special job. 

My job was to remember  

Not to be a snob. 

I tried so hard to hide it, 

That cocky attitude. 

I found myself relentless, 

Selfish, mean, and rude. 

I want to change my ways now 

So that I can feel more free 

I want to say I’m sorry  

Not for my sake, not for me. 

I want to say I’m sorry  

I know it was real hard 

Whether working for small wages 

Or just coming to my yard.  

I want to say I love you  

No matter what you do or say. 

I will try hard to remember this  

today will be your day.