Wordle #159

1. Fire 
2. Cave In 
3. Flair 
4. Scream 
5. Impish 
6. Mysterious 
7. Withered Arm 
8. Elastic 
9. French 
10. Vapor 
11. Kick 
12. Caisson 

When he finally emerged from the lip of the caisson, he realized he had come close to being the victim of a cave-in. The heat from the sun that hit his face was as hot as the fire burning close to the hole. He wanted to scream! Had anyone thought the hole mysterious? Did everyone think the hole was elastic and would open and close as needed? This would end up being a tomb, a burial spot, a place to breathe your last breath, like vapor on a steamy mirror.  

Suddenly, a face came into view. It was not recognizable as the impish grin drew all attention away from the characteristics and the bright light from the flair blinding him. With a withered arm, the face became a body and the body began pulling him up from the hole. If he kicked at the side, it could cause an avalanche of the unsteady earth. He would thank this Frenchman for his life-saving actions that quickly turned a horrific situation into one of relief!.  

Haibun: Gratitude

The beauty of the future is greater than any concern that might emerge. The days continue and it all begins to feel normal, like a ritual you were made to participate in. Still, the concern is not considered, as it is an unthinkable fear. Instead of loving each new day even more than the one before, life becomes predictable, ordinary, mundane. It is not until a piece of this is taken away that the realization, that you no longer appreciate the beauty of the future, comes back to your daily thoughts.  

We must love each day. 

There is no turning back then. 

Feel gratitude now.  

Ragtag Prompt: rouse

Once upon a time there were two little old people. There was a little old man and his little old wife. The old man and his wife lived in a little old cottage in the woods, surrounded by trees and leaves and birds. The old man would take his basket, leave each morning, and find food for them both. When he got home he would show his wife the food he got and she would cook a good meal. Well, on this day, when the little old man got home he couldn’t find his wife. He looked in the little old bedroom and found her asleep on the bed. He walked toward her, planning on rousing her out of slumber, when he realized she wasn’t sleeping, she had sadly passed away. The little old man took his wife in his arms and prayed to God that she should live in heavenly peace forever.  

FOWC with Fandango: root


Some roots grow high and roots grow long 

Some roots are weak and others strong. 

The strength of the strongest trees, too 

Lead to longer tree lives, who knew? 

When trees grow down into the ground 

We see the top, the leaves are found 

Blowing during the windy day. 

That one tall tree is there to stay. 

But what about the weakest one? 

Will the wind decide it all done? 

If there’s weakness, help with a stake 

A sort of tightrope you will make. 

The tree will praise you by new growth 

Then go enjoy not one, but both!