This post was written for Sadje’s What Do You See? prompt

My grandma used to tell me about the lady in the water. Grandma said she would walk through the marsh to go to her husband’s grave every night that the moon was out. Grandma said she had to use a cane and that she could barely walk on land, let alone through the sludge of the marsh. As the story goes, the lady got stuck one night and kept calling out to her husband to come get her in the marsh. Well, remember he is already dead! He never came and she ended up getting stuck there, her skeleton turning to stone. On nights when the moon is really bright, if you listen closely, you can hear the old lady calling her husband, “Please, come help me! Please come help me!”  

When grandma and I went to the marsh and to look for the lady’s husband’s grave, all you see is the petrified remains of the poor old lady with nothing but marsh all around her for miles! 


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