Sunday Wordle #430

As I walk along, I hear the crack of the dry branches under foot. With the soft light of dawn, I see a mist that licks just the tips of each blade of grass along the inner curve of the path. This single miracle brings the feeling of imminent peace on an otherwise rocky walkway. No, I do not mince my words when I talk of my journey, walking with the rhythm of the breeze, till I find my love again.

Christine Bialczak, 2019

FOWC with Fandango

Todays word is trip

Surprise Love 

Take a trip around with me 

To see the sights there are to see. 

Don’t you worry if you’re late 

Its not that kind of lovey date.  

We’ll go to eat, then go to walk 

We’ll kiss a bit and then we’ll talk. 

We’ll get a ride back to your car 

We walked a bit, kind-of far. 

You’ll say you had a super time 

I look at you with eyes sublime. 

We have to leave soon, it is dark 

Was that just me or was there a spark? 

We make new plans for the next day 

It seems like that’s so far away. 

I guess our trip was more than planned 

I hit the moon, your love is grand.