Weekend Writing Prompt

Just a thought….For which nation I have no idea! 

One must not suffer under the draconian principles of the government. Do we not see there is a place for peace and a way to end suffering? Why must the almighty dollar stand in the way of life as it should be? There have always been the poor, the rich, the middle class, but in this day and age is it not barbaric to see a child cry out in hunger and pain? It is not about giving all you have to those who naught but to share and for those who have nothing, leave the harsh criticisms aside and ask for help? 

Author reading

I had my first official author reading today at the town library. Three kids came. One was a cute little guy with his grandpa. Another my friends son. The third was an adorable second grader who seemed to think my books were good! She thought “Penelope Picks her Pals” was a funny tongue twister. She was right! It was hard reading out loud!

Anyhow, someday I hope to be sitting with tons of kids wanting to hear me read. I think my stories that I have coming, well when I get a sign-on, are super cute! And I’m doing all my own illustrations. Funny because everyone always asks if I drew the pictures. It will be nice to say yes!

Last week I think I sent out a dozen query letters. This time of year is super tough I have heard. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my vibe positive!!!!

Have a peaceful Saturday evening. I’m heading out for a bite.