FOWC with Fandango



People who care about the lives of others 

Realistically look at the world around us 

Understand what is truly going on 

Discussing with others ways for positive change 

Every single person does make a difference 

Negotiate only with peace-makers 

Take every life seriously 

Three Line Tales

As I sit in the waiting room of my psychotherapist, this picture falls out of my wallet.

I wonder why I am at a psychotherapist’s office, as I stare at the creepy doll I held during my holiday photo shoot.

Perhaps my psychotherapist can look at the young face in this picture and help me find out why the innocence in that face disappeared.

RDP Friday


When you go to the grocery store and someone in front of you can’t see that their hand is covering the bar code…

When you go to the movie theatre and someone believes their phone is not as annoying when it rings as anyone elses…

When you go out to dinner and the child at the table behind you is screaming because he is hungry and you realize the parents are just waiting for their cocktail to get there before they order…

When you go to customer service to ask a question but the person in front of you got there first and they can’t end their phone conversation even though they are at a counter to talk to a human being…

When you go to McDonalds, order your value meal, see a very large person, and you begin to think in your mind “why would they eat here” and then realize you are eating there too…

When you live in Connecticut and the person in front of you at the market is trying to argue about spending 10 cents for a bag…

When you bring your kid to the park, they get whacked in the head by another little kid, and that mother says that her child has never hit anyone before…

When you are on the highway in the fast lane and the person in front of you is going the minimum…

When that guy doesn’t pick up his own dog’s poop because it is too gross to do that…

Three Things Challenge #56

Yours words today were smuggle, seat and melt.

If you go through TSA at any US airport you will be asked to remove way too many clothing items and throw away much too much in the way of beauty products and lotions. That is unless you get TSA precheck. Then you go through with virtually no change but your bag on the belt. Precheck requires an FBI background check, so if you don’t mind Big Brother invading one more personal space, it is so worth it if you are a frequent traveler. My one piece of advice – Do not try to smuggle a chocolate bar onto the plane, in your pocket, because the minute you sit in your seat it will melt and become a hideous brown stain on the back of your pants. At that point, no one will believe that you like chocolate that much!

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #113

Watercolor Garden 

In a beautiful watercolor garden 

There is a young maiden with skin so soft 

The colors melt into oblivion.  

She sits silently, waiting for the rain. 

Waiting for the rain to wash the color away 

So that the garden may throw  

new, fresh colors at her once again.  

And so she sits and waits. 

Like the delicate wings of a butterfly, 

The soft drops of rain begin to fall. 

Cleansing will lead to rebirth in  

New fantastic colors.  

Thursday Doors

I wanted to put this out yesterday but it seems that sometimes my blog doesn’t acknowledge my pictures for a day or two!

I like this Thursday doors! It will make me more aware now to look!