FOWC with Fandango


So this I must first look up in the dictionary!


  1. 1. a person soliciting custom or business, typically in an aggressive or bold manner.
  2. 2. NORTH AMERICANa person who offers racing tips for a share of any resulting winnings.


  1. 1. attempt to sell (something), typically by pestering people in an aggressive or bold manner.”Jim was touting his wares”
  2. 2. NORTH AMERICANoffer racing tips for a share of any resulting winnings.


Sell my stuff! 

Have you ever known a tout  

Who thinks that running about 

Selling all their stuff 

Is emotionally kindof tough?  

Well, I am one of those 

Who shops until the close 

For things that I don’t need 

At a super crazy speed.  

I have so much to give 

More than I need to live 

It’s why I give for free 

The stuff that’s not for me.  

I try to sell the most 

My credit cards still post 

With payments that are due 

It’s really nothing new. 

I just want some cash back 

To make by life more slack 

By having less to pay 

At the end of every day.