What is this? A normal blog post? Boring!

Hahaha, just kidding. I have been doing as many of the writing challenges as I can find so my blogfeed is inundated with poems and pictures, hashtags and other notes.

I was going through wordpress today and I saw a photograph that just moved me. It was taken in the woods, of a sort of stonewall fallen over. It was on a blog, by a blogger calling her blog “oneletterup”, and it was in response to a photo challenge. I had responded that I love thinking about finding hidden places, sort of like something you would find wandering through the woods, maybe an abandoned fireplace from a long-ago burnt down house. Anyhow, it moved me to take Brody (my dog) out for a walk in the woods. I thought it would be the perfect time to look for interesting things to photograph, mushrooms, weird plants, etc. The walk was nice. We were out in the woods behind our house so we weren’t far but it was still far enough that you had to really look to see the house. So, why am I going on about a silly walk in the woods? Because Brody came back covered in ticks! I am not kidding. I checked him in the driveway and pulled off about four. Then on the deck, three more. I decided I should brush him before letting him in the house and I found about three more! Then, I did another check with my hands and yet one more. How many is that? Ten? Eleven? I was super disappointed because I was thinking it would be nice to do this on the sunny, warm days before winter comes. Not happening until the weather gets so cold they hibernate or die or whatever a tick does in the winter!

On another note, I had a phone conversation with author/literary-agent/author-coach, Mark Malatesta. It was part of one of his preliminary coaching sessions, the first of many I would love to take part in! He went over many of my books that I have written and the query letter I would like to send out to find a literary agent. He was so nice and super helpful and now, besides having tons of homework, I am so motivated to get my works published with a big publisher. I don’t know how many people who blog on here have work published, it doesn’t really matter, except that if anyone is into writing childrens’ picture books I would love to collaborate with other writers. I guess it doesn’t have to be just writers of childrens books, it just makes it more relatable. Long story short, if I get an agent and get a book deal I am working with Mark Malatesta again!

Peace to you! Have a pleasant, restful night!

Thursday Photo Prompt: #writephoto

Task: Write in any form, using the photo as inspiration for you piece.

Walking to the flames 

As I walk toward the flames 

I remember the names 

Of the people I know 

And the places I go. 

I think of the words that some people say 

To make it a good or a really bad day. 

Do I listen to them with their negative views? 

Do I compare them to politics seen on the news? 

It is all in my hand  

Which way I will stand 

To see my way through 

A day without you.  

FOWC with Fandango — School

School is over, school is done

let’s go home and have some fun.

Let’s play catch and let’s play tag

We’ll lose the rag in Capture the Flag.

When we are called to come on in

We’ll say tomorrow how we’ll begin

to play again when we get out

of school, we have to go no doubt.

Autumn Polyptoton Poem, October 24

Autumn Polyptoton Poem 

The leaves crackle as I walk down the walkway 

Watching for small creatures to appear from under the leaves. 

Mist covers my shoulders as the wind wisps through the path. 

No sound other than the crunch of my feet 

Crushing more leaves, leaving only fragments of summer behind.  

©2019 CBialczak Poetry

Tale Weaver # 246 – Eternity – October 24

Eternity Poem 

Some may think the end’s the end 

But listen close to me friend. 

There is much more for us to see 

Don’t forget eternity. 

In life it could be travel to 

A place we want to go. 

In death it could be so much more 

Something we’ll never know. 

So, patience, friend and let me near 

So, I may whisper in your ear 

That I am anxious as are you 

We’ll wait together, just us two.  

Three Things Challenge #41:

This was my word selection today: burnished, crystal, flexible

I am thankful my mind is flexible. It has been burnished by the support around me, despite the continual chipping away by uncontrollable circumstances. These circumstances have left remnants of pain and sorrow, rather than crystals of joy and happiness.