Act Now!

Poetry by Christine Bialczak

The sun was not setting 

The clouds did not blow 

The rain was not falling 

The snow would not snow. 

Our waters are dirty 

Our land is a mess 

Our air is polluted 

One must really confess. 

If we don’t act now 

We are going to see 

The earth won’t be livable 

Not for you or for me.  

Handling rejection

Well, I officially got my first rejection from a literary agent. One of many, I know. So many contacts to make, so many letters to write, each one dedicated to the wants or needs of that agent. How many have you written? Have you tried? This is one conquest that I will not abandon until I get the results I desire!

Fall leaves, colors so bright
Play hard, work hard, leaves fall free
Piles for now will be


This week, let’s consider what we savour…

When I walk on the beach, later in the day, most people have gone home, and I notice the world around me. I notice the expanse of the ocean. I savour the idea that the horizon line isn’t straight it curves into more ocean, much too far to swim, too far to see across. I savour the sounds of the small waves crashing on the shore while little water birds scurry for little clams washed up in the surf.