Sunday already

Good afternoon. This weekend has been full of new things for me and my writing. I have signed up for various accounts including Twitter and Tumblr. My “business” is called Stine Writing. What do you think?

I will be preparing illustrations for my upcoming Poem Anthology. My “mentor”, if you will, is Shel Silverstein. He was always one of my favorite authors and he did all of his own illustrations. My illustrations are definitely not as good or advanced as his were but I am just starting out. What do you all think? Self illustrate? I feel like my drawings, especially because they are simple and black and white, are representative of the fun I want children to have when reading my poetry books. Shel Silverstein could be called my idol.

I have also been looking over merchandise ideas and marketing ideas on

Let me kow what you think about this pushing forward.

Have a great Sunday.